Sellers: Make sure to make quality and visible garage sale signs. How many times did you see garage sale signs with blue pen writing over brown cardboard pizza box? Your potential customers must be able to read it from a glance. Do not forget to remove the signs at the end of the sale!!!

Buyers: Don’t be afraid to rummage through things. Clothes and smaller items often get messy at sales, but you’ll never know what’s there if you don’t look.

Sellers: Prepare many plastic bags. Be sure that customers will ask you whether “you have something to put this in.” Used grocery bags will do just fine.

Buyers: Don’t be afraid to haggle. Sellers often price an item at one price but have a lower price in mind that they would accept. It’s all a part of the game. As my mom always told me, “It never hurts to ask. The worst they can say is no!”

Sellers: Be sure to post an advertisement in your local newspaper. That will draw many potential customers to your sale!

Buyers: If you’re looking for a certain item, you’ll be wise to spend a little bit of time looking through ads in the local newspaper or Pennysaver to see if anyone is listing what you’re looking for (skis, baby clothes, TV, etc).

Sellers: Find stuff that you do not want or will never use several weeks before the garage sale. Put it aside. If you didn’t use it before the actual sale, you most likely won’t need it in future.

Sellers: Put on some background music during the sale. Local radio station would suit the best. Don’t play it too loud, or you won’t hear your customers.