Signs your sale should stay open

When planning your garage sale, you should always factor in a time-buffer at the end of your advertised closing time in case you’re doing a roaring trade.

People don’t like to be rushed, and what – apart from a few minutes of your weekend – have you got to loose anyway?

But since you don’t want to stay open just for the sake of it, here’s nine sure ways to gauge if you should extend your opening hours:

  1. Your items are still moving.
  2. There’s still plenty of people around.
  3. On the day of your garage sale you discover that some event – like the end of a football or baseball – game that will send buyer traffic past your home at a particular time.
  4. The weather is good, or if it’s been bad all morning then shows signs of clearing.
  5. You’ve got nothing better planned.
  6. Although lots of small items are moving, a few larger items you’re keen to shift are still on the shelves. Remember, if there’s still an atmosphere of buying in the air, you’re more likely to sell those large items.
  7. You’re still enjoying yourself.
  8. Customers are still willing to pay near the marked price for your items.
  9. You’ve got leftover sausages or hamburgers from your ancillary barbeque – in which case it might be worth moving the barbeque closer to the street. You’ll be surprised how the smeall will continue to attract customers!
  10. You’ve still got the energy (if not, and all the above factors are occurring, try digging deep!)

Remember, if people are hanging around and they‘re still buying, try not to telegraph to them that you’re packing up. Nothing will drive customers out your gate, and to the garage sale down the street, quicker!

Instead, make yourself a cup of coffee and give the impression you’re happy to linger as long as you have customers.