Garage Seller

Did you realize that when you hold a garage sale, you’re not only looking after your hip-pocket, but you’re doing the nation a favor as well?

Garage selling is a great way to re-use products that you no longer need. It therefore contributes to the recycling push. Yes, having somebody re-use your old stuff actually keeps perfectly serviceable items from clogging up our landfills!

Also, by hosting a sale, you’re teaching your kids valuable entrepreneurial skills, which who knows, may launch a stellar business career some day.

This sounds frivolous, but garage sales are a form of ‘business incubator’, which teach folks the basics of business management – such as marketing and record keeping. Governments at all levels spend plenty of tax payers’ money propping up business incubators in snazzy office block, and here you are doing it yourself with no government handout!

When you think about it, garage selling is one of the purest forms of capitalism. Unlike most industry sectors, garage sales have low startup costs, low barriers to entry, and best of all the proceeds are not taxable!

You can use your sale to bring new products – like that apricot jam, or those Christmas cards you’ve been making – to market. Who knows, testing them out on your garage sale customers may just be the impetus for to launch your ideas – helping you make a living from your hobbies, and perhaps employing others down the track.

Finally, the garage sale creates a hub of activity in neighborhoods that may otherwise need a little life injected. It’s amazing how many bored people drive around on weekends looking for an excuse to stop. They’ll pull over for real estate ‘home opens’, or roadside flower stalls – any excuse just to do something. Your garage sale gives them one more reason to get out of their cars, and walk around and smell the roses.

So hats off to you, garage seller. Along with the garage band, you’re a national institution.