Garage Sale Tips

Garage sale is not an easy event to organize. Take it seriously; if you really want to make some money. Garage sale is not just “a way to get rid of old junk”. You can make good money out of it, if you do it right. This guide will help you with garage sale organization. Here are a few garage sale tips to make you garage sale or yard sale more successful and more fun:

  • Stay organized. Start preparing several days before the actual sale day. Do not procrastinate.
  • Find stuff that you do not want or will never use several weeks before the garage sale. Put it aside. If you didn’t use it before the actual sale, you most likely won’t need it in future.
  • Be sure to post an advertisement in your local newspaper. That will draw many potential customers to your sale!
  • Advertise online. Submit your garage sale or yard sale to our large and expanding database. It’s free!
  • Make sure to make quality and visible garage sale signs. How many times did you see garage sale signs with blue pen writing over brown cardboard pizza box? Your potential customers must be able to read it from a glance. Do not forget to remove the signs at the end of the sale!!!
  • Prepare many plastic bags. Be sure that customers will ask you whether “you have something to put this in.” Used grocery bags will do just fine.
  • Have some drinks and snacks handy in case you get hungry. You don’t want to leave your valuable stuff while you are away to drink.
  • The day of the sale get lot’s of change. Many customers will pay with $10 and even $20 bills for $1 items. If you go to a near-by store and ask them for $40 worth of change, they might not give it to you. The best way to get change — go to your local bank. They always have change.
  • Put on some background music during the sale. Local radio station would suit the best. Don’t play it too loud, or you won’t hear your customers.
  • Do not ever lie to a customer. Lies can stain you forever. If you sell something that doesn’t work or it’s not what you described it was, the rumour will spread and you can only imagine the consequences.